I Am Not Your Daughter
Charlotte Hewitt. 18. Feminist. Queer. Disabled. Cosplayer. Slytherin. Tyrell. Hopelessly in love with Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy.

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caring more about animals than humans is not a sign of empathy, it is a way to distance yourself from problems that makes you uncomfortable.

when you talk about the treatment of animals and say “what if this was done to humans!?” remember that this was, or still is done to humans.

I have zero patience for people who prioritize Veganism over anti-racism and feminism

Exactly my stance.

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oh i understood I just meant it was new to me (I’m a bit worried about replaying the last case

ive forgotten what the last case in JFA is LMAO lemme google it 

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well I just got it this christmas so it’s not that old

I meant the game itself, not just your copy, haha

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aaahhh! I’ve been replaying old video games recently too, as have other friends actually

there must be something in the air atm :P

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neck feels hot and inflamed and my throat feels really weird i rly dont want to have to deal with something else rn i s2g

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my inbox is rly playing up so sorry if i dont reply to messages, im trying but tumblr is being shit, haha

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I used to borrow your Pym particles when you weren’t looking. And by borrow, I mean steal.

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trying real hard not to binge eat and cry rn :/

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i hope they change the actor for daario naharis every season for absolutely no reason and with no explanation given

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